Amazing Membership 1.0.3

The following are some of the enhancements of Amazing.Theme.Membership:

  • Added Radzen custom styles to Theme.css to cater for z-index when in Oqtane Settings Modal by @vnetonline
  • Added validation-message CSS to theme.css for error Radzen Error validator by @vnetonline
  • Added Radzen dialog wrapper customization by @vnetonline

The following are some of the enhancements of Amazing.Module.Membership

  • Removed Radzen.Blazor from resources because moved to theme by @vnetonline
  • Removed Radzen custom Styles from the module and moved them to theme.css by @vnetonline
  • Removed obselete ModuleInstance.AddModuleMessage by @vnetonline
  • Introduced Not Found Message to Details component by @vnetonline
  • Added ability to browse Stand Alone Lesson by @vnetonline
  • Fixed ability to add links using Radzen Editor via a Razen Dialog by @vnetonline

I have also started to populate the Descriptions for the planned courses, quick wins and showcases, I aim to start recording soon.


Vineet Belani

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