Amaizng Oqtane Studio

Amazing Oqtane Studio allows you to build Oqtane Modules in minutes. The Amazing thing is that you don't have to worry about building repetitive CRUD code. It is specially built for the Oqtane Framework as an Oqtane module, and it leverages the Default Module Template

Amaizng Oqtane Studio generates all the necessary CRUD code for you in a few seconds following the Oqtane Framework conventions.

Since you have the source code, you can easily modify the source code and inject your custom/business logic to the generated code.

Amazing Oqtane Studio generates the source code for the below mentioned aspects for your module solution.

Fast & Easy

Amazing Oqtane Module allows you to easily create CRUD pages. You just need to define your entity and its properties and leave the rest to Amazing Oqtane Studio.

Rich Options

Amazing Oqtane Studio supports multiple databases, all supported by Entity Framework Core (MS SQL Server, Oracel, MySQL and PostgresSQL)

Source Code

Amazing Oqtane Studio understands your module, generates the code for your module, and places the generated code in the correct place in your module solution

Screen Shots

Amazing Oqtane Studio in Action